7 Refreshing Colour Palettes for a Contemporary Bathroom

Are you dreaming of a remodel but don’t quite know where to start? Perhaps one of the most integral decisions when renovating or decorating is choosing the perfect colour palette. Colour can have a huge impact— adding warmth, vibrancy and style to any space. For those looking to update their bathroom with something more contemporary, these seven refreshing colour palettes will provide endless inspiration for your next design project! Keep reading to learn how different shades and hues can be combined together in ways which perfectly complement each other and create an inviting atmosphere in your home.

White Bathroom Interior

1. Selecting the Right Colour Palette

When selecting the perfect colour palette for your bathroom, it is important to consider the overall atmosphere you want to create. The best way to do this is by focusing on lighting and mood – opt for balanced tonal hues as they have a calming presence and pair with natural light very well. You can also mix and match various shades to create depth or complement a specific interior design theme.

Be sure to layer in some pops of colours so that the room feels like a haven of relaxation. Finally, never forget that the right amount of creativity goes a long way when it comes to finding the ideal colour palette for your bathroom.

2. Introducing a Muted Neutral Scheme

Introducing a muted neutral scheme for the bathroom is an excellent idea for any homeowner looking to redecorate this often-overlooked room. The muted neutrals are subtle, yet impactful and will create a calming effect while making the bathroom more inviting. The scheme is timeless and can easily transition to modern styles by combining creative design with small splashes of accent colours. This approach will ensure that the new look remains current over the years and helps to make your bathroom a tranquil space of retreat and relaxation.

Interior of a bathroom with skincare supplies

3. Making a Statement with Bold Contrasts

For the design conscious, making a statement with bold contrasts in the bathroom can be a great way to update your space and bring your unique style into focus. Bold contrasts of light and dark can give drama to a room that might otherwise be plain or unassuming, while colour pops such as bright fixtures, wallpaper, rugs, art pieces and towels can complement the contrasts while further defining your individual style.

Incorporating bold patterns into juxtaposition with solid colours can also be an effective way of crafting a signature look, allowing you to get creative while still maintaining balance in terms of scale, proportion and overall cohesion. Ultimately, making a statement with bold contrasts in the bathroom will create a luxurious environment that you and your guests can enjoy for years to come.

4. Soft Feminine Pastels for a Relaxed Atmosphere

Creating a calm, relaxed atmosphere in the bathroom can be achieved with the use of soft, feminine pastels. From muted pinks and blues to creamy whites and lavenders, these delicate shades create a tranquil setting; ideal for unwinding after a long, exhausting day. These delicate colours also give off an air of femininity and refinement, making them perfect for those who want to add a touch of elegance to their private spaces.

Shiny mirror hanging on the wall above sink in the bathroom

Furthermore, the muted tones of the pastels add visual interest without upsetting the balance of the space – making this type of colour palette incredibly versatile and applicable in many settings. With these subtle shades sprinkled through tiles, wall paint or even bath towels and accessories, you can create a beautiful yet calming bathroom aesthetic that will remain to look fresh for years to come.

5. Striking Black & White Combinations

Black and white check-out patterns, floor tiles, and fixtures can create an absolutely striking look in any bathroom. Incorporating contrast into the space can make all the difference when it comes to interior decoration. Gold accents and pops of colour add a modern and elegant air to the space. Surprising geometric designs with white paint on black walls or black and white prints on the walls will keep guests intrigued.

Interior of a modern bathroom in the apartment

Using various patterns and textures like classic subway tiles, mosaic marble, stone texture, faux finish, or herringbone pattern is a great way to use this monochromatic combination for an eye-catching bathroom upgrade.

6. Introducing Cheerful Bright Colours

Brightening up an otherwise dull and boring bathroom is a fun and creative way to add some personality to your home. Introducing cheerful bright colours is one of the easiest and most effective ways to do just that. Whether you choose to update the walls, accessories or fixtures, adding eye-catching shades of yellow, red or blue can instantly bring life to your bathroom.

The options are limitless so let your personal style guide the process. Inviting bright colours into the bathroom will not only create an inviting atmosphere but will also help make this often-overlooked space into something truly special.

Colourful bathroom with sink on cabinet near mirror and toilet

7. Modern Geometric Patterns Inspired by Nature

When designing the perfect bathroom, why not start with the most calming element of all – nature? Modern geometric patterns inspired by nature have become increasingly popular among home decorators, allowing for a stunning blend between natural elements and modern architecture. Whether it’s the warmth of wooden hexagons or the refreshing aquatic look of rippling circles, these geometric patterns can be found in various forms throughout the bathroom.

Bathroom interior with sink on cabinet near bath

They provide an eye-catching design that will bring plenty of character to any space while also injecting a sense of airy relaxation given their inspiration from nature. This style is sure to give even the simplest of bathrooms an exotic look and feel.

8. Finishing Touches to Enhance the Design

When attempting to achieve the full design potential of a bathroom, it’s important to pay attention to the small details. Finishing touches can truly bring the entire atmosphere together and make for an amazing result.

Adding colourful and patterned tiles into the shower or as a backsplash in the sink can create texture and movement without overwhelming the eyes. If a more classic approach is desired, trying some subtle wallpaper accents near a bathtub or vanity can go a long way while still adding a unique design flare. Don’t forget about accessorizing! A few well-placed soap dishes, candle jars and vases can truly add that “bling” factor needed to elevate any bathroom’s style.

9. Ideas for Complementary Accessories & Fixtures

The bathroom is a great place to show off and add some unique accessories and fixtures! Consider adding decorative towels, stylish rugs, custom wall paintings, scented candles, or a freestanding mirror for an extra interesting touch.

If the budget allows for it, try investing in a high-end showerhead for a luxurious spa-like experience. Brightening up the room with a bright shade of paint can give it a dreamy, refreshing look. Top it all off with some potted plants or hanging greenery to bring in a tranquil and calming atmosphere. With these thoughtful additions, you’ll soon have the perfect place to relax and enjoy some quiet alone time away from the hustle of everyday life.

10. Making Clever Use of Light to Elevate the Design

The bathroom is not just a place to wash up: it’s an oasis, a personal sanctuary. To set the mood and create an atmosphere of relaxation, it is important to think carefully and make clever use of light. By strategically positioning lamps, utilizing natural sunlight through windows and skylights, or incorporating dimmers for overhead lights, homeowners are able to control the amount and brightness of light in their bathrooms.

When used correctly, varying layers of light can create even more ambience in the design of the bathroom by highlighting art pieces on walls or feature pieces on vanities. Making clever use of light will allow you to create a distinct feel in the room that speaks volumes about your individual style.

11. Stylish Monochromatic Schemes with Beautiful Texture Variations

Monochromatic schemes in the bathroom are an easy and inexpensive way to add a luxurious feel. When using one colour for décor, texture variation can provide visual interest without the clutter of different colours. Textures like marble, granite, wood, and tile on walls or floors provide elegance and depth to a space without competing with other design elements. A stylish monochromatic scheme with beautiful texture variations is a great way to take your bathroom to the next level of sophistication.

 luxury monochromatic bathroom with marble tile

12. Harmonising with Natural Elements from Outside In

One of the best ways to create a tranquil and calming atmosphere in the bathroom is by harmonising with natural elements from the outside. This can be achieved by using natural stone tiles, wooden furniture or shells as decorations.

Furthermore, the scent is incredibly important when it comes to creating the perfect bathroom spa experience. Incorporating natural fragrances such as lavender or pine gives your bathroom an outdoorsy feeling that relaxes the mind and body. Natural lighting is also essential to aid relaxation in the bathroom; open windows and skylights let in plenty of sunlight for a brighter, warm atmosphere. Taking time away from our hectic lives to spend some leisurely time in harmony with nature will leave you feeling refreshed and completely renewed.

modern bathroom with skylight

13. Incorporating Quality Materials

When it comes to incorporating quality materials into your bathroom, there are a few things you should consider. First, think about the type of material and how it will interact with water and humidity.

A good quality material like marble or glass tile can be durable enough to last for years. The type of finish is also important – glossier finishes are easier to clean, but may look bland compared to matte finishes that give some character to the design. Additionally, choose accents like high-end light fixtures and towel racks that are in line with the overall style of the bathroom. With careful consideration and selecting quality materials, you can achieve a luxurious space that stands up well against time and wears.

14. Using Colour to Affect Mood in The Room

The bathroom is a room of relaxation, and what better way to create a tranquil space than with colour? Re-decorating a bathroom with certain shades of paint or tile can have a tremendous effect on the overall mood of the room. Blues and greens can be used to imitate underwater scenes that bring a sense of serenity, while warm tones like orange or red can make the room seem more invigorating and energetic.

Grey might also be used to give off a chic and modern vibe. Splashes of bright colour can be added in bits as contrast, or balance out any accent pieces, textures or patterns for you to enjoy in your very own refuge. The addition of perfect colours can take your bathroom from dull to delightful.


This article has given you plenty of design, colour and style choices for creating a modern and refreshed look in your bathroom. No matter what colours or styles you choose, the most important part is that they create a look and feel that corresponds to your unique sense of style. Ensure all colours work well together, accentuate the right elements in the space and ensure everything reflects who you are as an individual.

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